Clear Aligners

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Why Clear Aligners at Rochester Ortho?

Clear aligners are a series of invisible trays that move teeth just like braces. These trays are removable and therefore can be taken off to eat and brush/floss.

These trays are very effective but must be worn as much as possible (22 hours/day) to achieve the best result.

We are happy to provide Invisalign, Spark, and In-Office clear aligners! We will discuss the best option for your individual case.

Our Clear Aligner Treatment Options

Not interested in braces?

Spark is our clear aligner of choice. The majority of treatment can be accomplished with clear aligners. These are fully removable so that brushing and flossing can be more easily accomplished.

Clear aligners rely on very good wear compliance to get the best possible results.

Custom In-Office Aligners

Have minor shifting or small issues with alignment?

We are able to print and make aligners in our office to fix this. The benefit is that the fee is less than with full comprehensive treatment and is still doctor guided treatment.

Our Process

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