Fully custom 3D printed braces

LightForce System at Rochester Orthodontics

LightForce is the first fully customized 3d printed bracket. This allows us to set up your treatment with the end result in mind. It virtually eliminates adjustments needed towards the end of treatment and allows for shorter treatment times.

We are able to place the adjustments within the bracket instead of bending them into the wire. These brackets are also placed with precise bonding templates to allow for the most accurate placement.

Treatment with LightForce is on average 4-6 months shorter than traditional braces.

Benefits Of Lightforce Brackets

LightForce brackets offer several benefits as a cutting-edge orthodontic solution:

01. Customized:

LightForce brackets are fully customized using advanced 3D printing technology. Each bracket is specifically designed to fit your teeth and dental anatomy, providing a personalized treatment approach. This level of customization ensures optimal fit and precise alignment, leading to more accurate and efficient tooth movement.

02. Treatment Planning with the End Result in Mind:

LightForce brackets allow for treatment planning with the desired end result in mind. Dr. Brad can precisely position the brackets to achieve the desired tooth movement, reducing the need for adjustments later in the treatment process. This comprehensive approach enhances treatment efficiency and may result in shorter overall treatment times.

03. Improved Precision and Predictability:

The customized nature of LightForce brackets enables enhanced precision and predictability in tooth movement. With brackets designed specifically for your teeth, the forces applied are targeted and controlled, leading to more accurate and predictable treatment outcomes.

04. Enhanced Comfort

LightForce brackets are designed to be smooth and low-profile, minimizing discomfort and irritation typically associated with traditional braces. Their customized fit also reduces the likelihood of bracket-related discomfort during treatment.

05. Streamlined Treatment Process

LightForce brackets, with their customized design and precise placement, can help streamline the treatment process. By reducing the need for manual adjustments and fine-tuning, orthodontic visits may be less frequent, saving time for both the orthodontist and the patient.

06. Advanced Technology:

LightForce brackets incorporate advanced 3D printing technology, representing the forefront of orthodontic innovation. By harnessing the power of digital technology and customization, LightForce provides an advanced treatment option for patients seeking optimal results.

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