Orthodontic Emergencies


We understand emergencies happen, please contact our office today!

We hope that your orthodontic journey will be as easy as possible, however from time to time mishaps may occur when you are at home. True orthodontic emergencies are rare but when they do happen we are here to help you! Here are some examples of “emergencies” and what you can do for relief.

Loose or completely removed bracket:

Use wax to cover any areas of irritation. If the gums are irritated warm salt water rinses can ease the discomfort. Typically this does not require an immediate visit to the office and can be alleviated at home.

If there is ever pain being caused from one of these events please contact our office at 248-656-0040 or Dr. Gauthier at 906-399-0342 if it occurs after normal business hours.

Poking Wire:

Again, wax is your best friend for a poking wire. Make sure when applying wax to an area that you first dry the area and then place it. This will allow it to stick better. Also, if a wire has slid from one side to the other it is possible to use a set of tweezers to slide the wire back to its normal position.

Missing clear aligner attachment:

If an attachment becomes loose or breaks remain calm, this will be repaired at your following visit. If there are multiple missing attachments please call the office for better guidance.


If it is a medical emergency please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. If it is a trauma that involves teeth please contact your general dentist as well as Dr. Gauthier. Often times braces or aligners will actually protect your teeth by keeping them in place.

Missing/Broken Retainer:

If you misplace or break a retainer do not panic! Call our office to schedule an appointment for a new one. At the end of your treatment you will receive a 3D printed model of your teeth. Please hang on to this because it can be used to fabricate a new retainer.

The longer you go without a retainer the more likely your teeth will shift. If shifting happens your current retainers will not fit the proper way. Do not delay calling us if you lose a retainer because we want you to keep your best smile!

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